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Information on the computer tower stand, other cases and other tips on the best parts to build a computer.

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computer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower stand

Computer Tower Stand

When to upgrade a computer tower stand 

While a computer tower is not something that will break or wear out quickly, it is not a good idea to keep the same one for too long. They can last a long time and will outlast most any other computer component, but there are good reasons to replace them after a period of time.

Reasons of Style
Apart from the monitor screen, the computer stand is the most visible part of any computer. These stands are no longer limited to the same boring colors of the past. They now come in various colors and even in multi-color schemes. Or, for those who do not want any color at all, transparent stands will show of the inners of any computer and can even aid in diagnosing real or potential problems.

Although the standard rectangular stand is still the most common and practical shape, stands are now available in different shapes and sizes too. For those concerned with style, stands can enhance the decor of any room. A computer stand will likely become scratched and show other signs of wear over time and replacing it will make a huge difference.

Reasons of Functionality
Issues of functionality are perhaps the greatest reason to upgrade for most computer owners. Particularly for serious gamers, computers require ever more power and components, and these all connect through the motherboard. The motherboard also contains the CPU (the heart of the computer), and it is difficult to replace one without replacing the other. Older stands often cannot accommodate newer motherboards so it may be impossible to upgrade a computer without replacing the stand.

The extra bays that newer computer tower stands offer is another reason to upgrade. People frequently want to add new components to their computers. Newer stands not only make this possible, but they also make it easier.

With the increased power and heat of newer computers, cooling is more important then it was in the past. The newer stands offer more slots to mount fans and openings for hot air to escape.

While computer tower stands are mostly solid cases, they do contain ports, switches and some wiring. Although they are generally pretty sturdy, they will wear and break after extended use just like all mechanical assemblies. Keeping the same stand for too long could lead to the computer or some of its systems suddenly not working.

For those to which these factors are not important or do not apply, then there is no reason not to stick with their current stands. However, keep in mind that the stand is a lot more than just a case to hold a computer but an intrinsic part of it.

 Computer Tower Stand
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