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Information on the computer tower stand, other cases and other tips on the best parts to build a computer.

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computer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower stand

Computer Tower Stand

What to look for in computer tower stands 

Assembling your own PC

Many people are fascinated about the innards of a PC but do not have the courage to assemble one on their own. It is not as difficult as many think, and computer components do not break as easily as most people assume. With illustrated guides accompanying each motherboard and with no soldering required, one can easily assemble their own PC without advanced computer knowledge. However, there are a few points of caution and things to consider when doing so.

For those who have garnered enough courage to assemble their own PC, the first step is to go out and purchase the essentials. It starts with a stand to house the motherboard and power supply unit (see Selecting a Tower Stand). Apart form these, the major components required are a monitor, a hard drive, keyboard and a mouse. The motherboard does not include the CPU or any memory, so they will have to be purchased separately too. Make sure that the memory card and the CPU are compatible with the motherboard being purchased. For those assembling their first computer, it is probably a good idea to go to a computer store with knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions.

There are some additional things that most will want with their computers. People usually want speakers and a microphone so they will need to be purchased separately if they are to be used with the PC. The same stands true for the webcam for those interested in video chatting with friends or business contacts. Obviously, a means to connect to the internet is also needed, but modems usually come from the ISP (internet service provider) with the purchase of broadband.

One first needs exercise caution while fixing the CPU on the motherboard. The alignment should be perfect or else the pins of the CPU might get damaged. Apart from this and being careful while connecting the power supply, it is very easy to assemble a PC and most mistakes can be easily rectified.

When assembling, keep in mind the CPU and the memory are extremely sensitive and should never be gripped with bare hands-especially during the winter season. Static electricity built up in the human body can damage electronic parts beyond salvaging. There are special anti-static wrist guards available, and it is a good idea to put them on before assembling a computer. While motherboards come with step-by-step guides that will outline the entire assembly process, it is always nice to have a techie friend on hand whenever possible for those moments of doubt.

Overall though, assembling a computer is a lot easier than most think and can be done even by those with very limited technical knowledge.

 Computer Tower Stand
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