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computer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower stand

Computer Tower Stand

When to upgrade a computer tower stand and computer maintenance

Benefits of regular computer maintenance

To most people, computers are simply an extension of their lives. Very few users recognize a computer for what it is - a machine whose raison d’etre is to make your life easier by handling some of the mind-numbing tasks that you may not wish to do, in addition to the other tasks that may be set. Like any other machine, routine maintenance is a must for computers too. Of course, maintenance for a computer is slightly different from maintenance for other machines. It is easier, and all that is required is that it is conducted routinely - this is what is needed for you to get the most out of your machine.

There are two aspects involved - hardware and software. Hardware maintenance is simple - just use a vacuum cleaner to clean accumulated dust from the insides, and from devices like the keyboard and mouse, and you are done. This helps to ensure good air circulation inside the casing and can prolong the life of your computer. You may also need to occasionally check whether the connectors and cables are firmly connected.

Maintaining software is also a crucial factor that ensures the longevity of your machine. Ensuring that the software loaded on your computer is what you need and up to date can go a long way in reducing the incidence of computer crashes and malfunctioning software.

Here are some benefits of regular computer maintenance:

Faster operation:
Removing unwanted, outdated and seldom used applications can speed up your computer. Start-up and shutdown can be significantly faster as the operating system may have fewer applications to handle at these times. Windows users may find that the registry files are reasonably-sized and may have fewer inconsistencies.

Saves space:
Software maintenance can free up a lot of space on your computer. Removing unused and outdated applications can free up space on the hard disk and the RAM, especially if these applications are loaded during start-up.

Better heat dissipation:
Freeing up ventilation slots by removing accumulated dust is a great way of ensuring improved air circulation. The components such as the processor cool faster as a result, and the lower temperature inside the casing improves the life of your machine.

Faster retrieval of data:
Removing unwanted application and data can free up space, but this effort needs to be complemented by regular defragmentation of the hard disk and checks for consistency of the disk. Defragmentation rearranges the free space on the hard disk and makes such blocks contiguous. This helps in faster storage and retrieval of files. This can also have a beneficial effect on the speed of applications.

These tasks can help you get more out of your computer and can make using your computer a real pleasure.

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