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computer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower standcomputer tower stand

Notebook Computer Stands

Choosing the right stand for a notebook

Regular desktop computers and their large stands are not for everyone. Many people do not have the space or need portability. For these people, a notebook computer is the way to go. However, notebooks do have certain disadvantages in comparison to desktops. One way to overcome some of these disadvantages is with notebook computer stands.

The number of laptops in use has increased greatly over the years. They offer a lot of portability and convenience that desktop computers never will. One of the drawbacks of having a computer that can be set anywhere is the potential for overheating. With their small size densely packed components, notebook computers heat up quickly. When they are set on a bed of the flood, the fan outlets may be blocked or air flow can be disrupted in other ways. While the owner may not notice this at the time, heat damage is often the reason notebook computers fail or slow down over time.  By keeping the computer above surfaces that will trap heat, notebook computer stands are a great way to ensure that both intake and exhaust air can flow smoothly and prevent damage from overheating. Some stands even incorporate extra fans to protect the computer.

These computer stands also address problems with posture that sometimes come with notebook computer use. Lying on one’s stomach with the hands on the keyboard is not a natural posture. Over time, assuming such postures can increase the likelihood of back pain, neck strain and other ailments that might not be felt until later in life. It should also be noted that sitting with a notebook on one’s lap for longer periods of time will cause one’s legs to heat up and disrupt cooling. A stand that lifts the computer will allow one to assume a more natural position, particularly if the stand is highly adjustable, protecting both the computer and the person using it.

Features to look for
Depending on the type of notebook computer stand one may decide to purchase, there are models which include space to place hubs, drives or any additional accessories one may have.  Moreover, additional features like trays and book holders augment the utility of this product.

Some stands have six or more adjustment features. Choosing a stand that is highly adjustable is recommended for people who use their notebooks in different postures and for those who are most susceptible to repetitive stress injuries. This type of stand will also make the user more comfortable and thus aid in productivity.

Durability is also very important. A notebook computer is still an expensive purchase for most that stores critical data, and the stand is thus supporting a valuable investment. Furthermore, a sturdy stand will be more stable and easier to work on.

A computer notebook stand should also be foldable for easy storage and transport. Like the notebook itself, the stand too may need to be moved around a lot and choosing one that is designed to be transported is important. Many of them also come with travel cases.

Since the stand may be used for more than one computer and may outlast the notebook, select a stand that will fit any computer. 

Ergonomic design should never be forgotten and is one of the primary reasons for buying a computer notebook stand. Make sure the stand will protect one’s health as well as the computer and choose one with the proper angle and other adjustments.

For those concerned with look, various designs, colors and finishes are also available.

Everyone has their own priorities when purchasing a stand for their notebooks. Shop carefully and choose just the right one. While notebook computers are not always the best option, a good stand can eliminate many of the disadvantages they have and make them the right choice for more people.

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